5 Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Improve Your SEO With Social Media – Insight From Semalt

Do you wish to better your ranking in search engines?

Do you have an interest in using social media to increase your SEO performance?

Social media has substantial benefits on your search outcomes, and a vivid social dominance can enhance the search position.

In this write-up, Jason Adler, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, provides five ways, through which, you can use social media to better your search rankings.

#1: Establish links with your social networks

Previously, the ranking of Google was based on link building regardless of the quality of links an individual was considering. Later on, Google started to consider the quality of the link after realizing that people were manipulating ranking through the use of fake links.

Since social sites are based on a web authority, links on these sites are often regarded to be of higher quality. Even in the case that you have a new Facebook page, it will be probably ranked high due to Facebook's complete authority.

#2: Increase the number of your followers

Sites with a huge number of high-quality followers are better ranged in search engines. Highly rated followers are on your social media platforms, and a significant number of these people interact or engage in some ways.

The conversation may be in the form of retweeting your content, repining pins, writing reviews on Google+ or even sending you a tweet. As such, ensure that the number of your followers is increasing steadily.

#3: Ensure that your content is shareable and searchable

A social platform such as Pinterest makes your information shareable and searchable. The platform inspires sharing significantly. Users post pins of their interest to their boards and disseminate it to other Pinterest fans.

For instance, you can make your posts on Facebook searchable in search engines by going to Facebook privacy setting tab and enabling other search engines to link to your timeline.

#4: Ensure your posts uses keywords

Keywords are vital for your site, paid ad campaigns, and blog, and thus, it should not surprise you that keywords are significant with your social content.

On Pinterest, the sure way to rank in a better position in search engines is to ensure that your boards or pins have keywords. Similarly, performing research for YouTube videos can increase traffic to the blog, channel, and website if they are highlighted on your profile.

Using keywords on your Facebook posts can also result in better ranking.

The keywords ensure that your content is searchable and when users search for those words, your content will be the first one to pop up.

#5: Make local listings

Ensure that your venture has a customized listing on Google + that has your pertinent data and address. This will enable your clients to review your organization directly on Google.


Using social sites as marketing interventions is highly recommendable, but it can even be enhanced further by leveraging it to enhance SEO.

One can be certain that social sites can improve the rankings.

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